Covenant Kodi Not Working Error(NoStream Available) Fix Permanently

Covenant Kodi addon is the most popular add-on with ultimate features and thousands of movies. But sometimes covenant kodi not working due to some unknown reasons. Today in this article I will show you how to fix that issue without uninstalling the application.

Mainly this Error will come by entering the wrong URL in a zip file and in other folders or by selecting an empty folder. Don’t worry after reading this article you can simply fix any issue in covenant kodi. In this article, I am going to provide 6 solutions to fix covenant kodi not working error Here Covenant kodi alternate is fantastic kodi addon.

  1. Fix error without uninstalling Covenant kodi
  2. Clear Covenant Cache and Fix the error
  3. Covenant Not Stream Available issue
  4. Provider Timeout settings
  5. Hosters with Caption
  6. Video Quality settings

How to Fix Covenant Kodi Not Working and No Stream Available

Follow below guide to save the time, date and permanent solution for any kind of covenant kodi errors. In covenant mainly 6 errors. So, those errors we will fix with below steps.

Fix error without uninstalling Covenant kodi

First, we need to open source folders and Check these 3 files

  • Colossus Repo
  • Repository File
  • Zip File

Look there options and check those files are working or not. Once done, check covenant working or not. and also turn off hosters with captions.

Clear Covenant Cache and Fix the error

Sometimes Cache also causes to not stream available error, So , to fix we need to clear cache. for clear cache follow below steps.

“Video addons”> “Tools”> Covenantclear cache“> Click “OK”

Covenant Not Stream Available issue

Not stream available main come up with this issue that is video quality. we need to set video quality based on your internet connection. But I always prefer below quality

“Video Add-ons”> “Tools”> “Covenant General” > “Picture Quality” > Set it to “1080p”

one above setting done, check covenant kodi working perfectly or still same problem. If still the same problem then Go with below process.

Provider Timeout settings

In this setting, we need to set the timeout in below 1minit. So, I  can prefer 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

Hosters with Caption

This is one of the biggest bugs. We need to fix this as much as possible. to solve go with below steps.

“Video add-ons”> “Tools”> “General Settings”> “Turn Off” Hosters With Caption

Video Quality settings

Video Quality: We need to set this depends on your internet speed. If your internet more than 5mbps then set video quality> 1080P

If below 5 Mbps then set that to below 1080P. This is the most important setting to solve covenant no streaming available error.

Final Words Of Covenant Kodi Not Working Guidance

Not this much to say, but if still not solved your error after applied my guide then comment the problem in the comment section. We update the article with your error solution. Soon we are going to make a video with detailed and easy to understand. Once done that video we will embed that video in this article so try to visit this site regularly for enjoying movies and tv shows without any kind of errors.

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheet

Hey! dungeons and dragons 5th edition is one of the popular game in the RPG game world. D&D 5th edition games need dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheet to play the game. This game giving the huge competition to Pathfinder RPG game. Many RPG game players are shifting to the D&D game.

Today I am going to explain how to get dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheet and how to verify that sheet is original(verified) or not.  After reading this article you will be understanding about the dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheet pdf files and excel format sheets. I am going to explain one by one so, let’s start with dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheet pdf list

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheet PDF List And Excel

Nowadays the main headache thing is finding suitable dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheet right? , my answer to this question is “Maybe But No longer”

Yes! here I am Listing almost 5+ dungeons and dragons 5th edition character sheets and those are verified and tested by D&D game experts. Basically, most popular sheets are only 5 which are listing below this line.

  1. D&D 5e character sheet Google Doc D&D 5e character sheet
  2. Google Doc Dungeons and Dragons character sheet single page
  3. D&D 5E Character Sheet Alternative print version(printable)
  4. D&D 3.5 character sheet ( dungeons and dragons)
  5. Tyranny d&d 5e character sheet

These are popular and many game players using sheets and no need to worry about these sheets and d&d 5e languages because all are working sheets. If you find any bug in these sheets or facing any kind of issue.

How To Check That D&D 5E Character Sheet Original Or Not

Maybe you are feeling hard to check that original or not, But after reading this article you will remove that thought from your mind. There are many ways to verify D&D sheets but I am describing to you only few working and easy methods. First one is ” Join all D&D 5th edition groups in Social media networks like (Facebook, G+)”. The second one is ” Find some forums which are related to D&D.

Note: These two methods are also helping to improve your D&D game knowledge and there you can ask questions related to D&D and sheet which you’re using from this list.

Final Words Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheet

I hope this article provided some useful information as well as worth words. This all information is written from my personal experience. This article can give good knowledge to newbies and medium game players of D&D. I just provided my 3 years experience in 500 words of the article. I am ready to clarify and provide useful information. all you need to do write your thoughts in below comment section. Just rendering to you “if you find any worth words in this article kindly share this article with your D&D RPG game lovers.


epizephyrii’s pathfinder character sheet

The Pathfinder role-playing game is an excellent game. It has been increasing an interest in between the players by giving a lot of variations in creating their personal and official characters. You can create and edit your characters through various options. It can give you automatic system to create the different characters by using different sites or different versions. From that group of versions, we are giving here epizephyrii’s pathfinder character sheet. If you want to know about this sheet you have to spend your valuable time with us. In the below, we are providing the brief information about this character sheet.

You Should Know About The epizephyrii’s Character Sheet

Actually, this epizephyrii’s will create more interest by giving various interesting features. It will be visible like a pretty standard pathfinder character sheet pdf. It will calculate your skills, CMB and CMD…etc depend upon your class levels. It will work up to three classes. It is a spreadsheet.  Within seconds it will calculate your all data like skills, dexterity,…etc

It is a very useful sheet. You can use this sheet with free of cost. It is the excel spreadsheet. You can do any kind of magic with it when you know about the excel. From the below, you will get the updated information about the epizephyrii’s pathfinder character sheet.Just read it and apply it in your PF RPG.

What Do You Get From This epizephyrii’s pathfinder character sheet

It will do many CALCULATIONS such as stuff and skill bonuses. It can seem like a standard Paizo sheet. You no need to spend any amount to get this sheet. It is free to purchase and use. It is very easy to use. You can use this sheet as like you want. But you need to have a third party to get this sheet. Then only you would get this sheet and you can use this sheet without any disruptions.

Also, you can update this sheet and you will get an advanced class guide to get the ninja, alternate classes,..etc. You can change or any new version number to your sheet.

This is the whole and updated information about your character sheet of epizephyrii’s. This will give you more interest to play and create more characters in your Pathfinder role-playing game.


We have been giving the updated information about the Pathfinder game. We always interact with the Pathfinder game players and make some discussions with them about the Pathfinder roleplaying game. This pathfinder epizephyrii’s details also got from our own experience and from our group mates.

If you want to ask any doubts about the epizephyrii’s pathfinder character sheet you can ask to us at any time. We will give you the updated and relevant information after discussing with our playmates.

So don’t be hopeless, share your thoughts with us directly through the comment box and get a solution to your queries as soon as possible. This article is an expert created article read it once and check your pathfinder by following this article content.

Pocket Morty items Crafting guide

Pocket Morty has many items in it. Probably, You may not know about the all pocket Morty items. If you don’t know about the pocket mortys crafting you have to read this article. In this article, we are mentioning some important and useful items of the pocket Mortys game.

Just have a look at this article. It might be used to you. In this pocket Morty game, you have the following items. In the below, we are providing the list of all pocket Morty items.

Pocket Morty Items List

  1.  Attack Mega Seed
  2. Bacteria Cell
  3. Battery
  4. Blips and chips coupon
  5. Butter Robot
  6. Cable
  7. Circuit Board
  8. Courier Flap
  9. Dark Energy Ball
  10. Dark Matter Ball
  11.  Defence Mega Seed
  12. Dog Collar
  13. Fleeb (pocket Morty)
  14. Great Serum
  15. Gwendolyn
  16. Halzinger
  17. Interdimensional cable
  18. Interdimensional goggles
  19. IQ Enhancing Helmet
  20. Level Up Mega Seed
  21. Love Potion
  22. Microverse Battery
  23. Morty manipulator chip
  24. Morty token
  25. Mother Board
  26.  MR meeseeks box
  27. Mutant Bacteria cell
  28. Neutrino bomb
  29. Paralyze cure
  30. plutonic rock
  31. poison cure
  32. pure curum
  33. pure halzinger
  34. pure plutonic rock
  35. pure serum
  36. purified fleeb
  37. robot
  38. roy VR headset
  39. schmeckle
  40. sensational serum
  41. serum
  42. speed mega seed
  43. supercharged battery
  44. time crystal
  45. time stabilizing collar
  46. tin can
  47. turbulent juice

As we mentioned above the pocket Morty has 46 items in it. But from the above items, you can use few of them only. If you added these items to other items you will get other powerful items.

Those items will be used in the battle with the wild Mortys and other ricks. From the below lines you can know the most useful items. We are going to mention the most useful items in the below lines just have a look at them.

Most Useful Pocket Morty Items

  • Attack mega seed+ defence mega seed+ speed mega seed   = level up mega seed
  • Bacteria Cell+ fleeb                                                                       = dark energy ball
  • circuit board + battery + cable                                                    = motherboard
  • dark matter ball+super charged battery+mother board        = microverse battery
  • fleeb+battery+bacteria cell                                                           = halzinger
  • great serum+supercharged battery                                             = pure serum
  • motherboard + supercharged battery                                         = robot
  • purified fleeb+battery                                                                     = great serum
  • serum+ supercharged battery                                                       = sensational serum
  • turbulent juice tube+ dark energy ball                                        = dark matter ball

The above are the most useful pocket Morty items. If you combined the above items with other items you will get the other recipe item to do the battle. This is the procedure to combine your items to other items to get the useful recipe. In this article, we have mentioned maximum items combination to get the powerful items to you.

This is the article, which is giving you the information about the pocket Morty items. These items will be giving their help when you would struggle in the battle with the wild Mortys.

If you know the process how to use these items while you are in the battle, then you will be the winner of the battle and game.