Covenant Kodi Not Working Error(NoStream Available) Fix Permanently

Covenant Kodi addon is the most popular add-on with ultimate features and thousands of movies. But sometimes covenant kodi not working due to some unknown reasons. Today in this article I will show you how to fix that issue without uninstalling the application.

Mainly this Error will come by entering the wrong URL in a zip file and in other folders or by selecting an empty folder. Don’t worry after reading this article you can simply fix any issue in covenant kodi. In this article, I am going to provide 6 solutions to fix covenant kodi not working error.

  1. Fix error without uninstalling Covenant kodi
  2. Clear Covenant Cache and Fix the error
  3. Covenant Not Stream Available issue
  4. Provider Timeout settings
  5. Hosters with Caption
  6. Video Quality settings

How to Fix Covenant Kodi Not Working and No Stream Available

Follow below guide to save the time, date and permanent solution for any kind of covenant kodi errors. In covenant mainly 6 errors. So, those errors we will fix with below steps.

Fix error without uninstalling Covenant kodi

First, we need to open source folders and Check these 3 files

  • Colossus Repo
  • Repository File
  • Zip File

Look there options and check those files are working or not. Once done, check covenant working or not. and also turn off hosters with captions.

Clear Covenant Cache and Fix the error

Sometimes Cache also causes to not stream available error, So , to fix we need to clear cache. for clear cache follow below steps.

“Video addons”> “Tools”> Covenantclear cache“> Click “OK”

Covenant Not Stream Available issue

Not stream available main come up with this issue that is video quality. we need to set video quality based on your internet connection. But I always prefer below quality

“Video Add-ons”> “Tools”> “Covenant General” > “Picture Quality” > Set it to “1080p”

one above setting done, check covenant kodi working perfectly or still same problem. If still the same problem then Go with below process.

Provider Timeout settings

In this setting, we need to set the timeout in below 1minit. So, I  can prefer 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

Hosters with Caption

This is one of the biggest bugs. We need to fix this as much as possible. to solve go with below steps.

“Video add-ons”> “Tools”> “General Settings”> “Turn Off” Hosters With Caption

Video Quality settings

Video Quality: We need to set this depends on your internet speed. If your internet more than 5mbps then set video quality> 1080P

If below 5 Mbps then set that to below 1080P. This is the most important setting to solve covenant no streaming available error.

Final Words Of Covenant Kodi Not Working Guidance

Not this much to say, but if still not solved your error after applied my guide then comment the problem in the comment section. We update the article with your error solution. Soon we are going to make a video with detailed and easy to understand. Once done that video we will embed that video in this article so try to visit this site regularly for enjoying movies and tv shows without any kind of errors.